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Poll: Sousuke/Kaname or Sousuke/Tessa
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Kaname *omg so hot*
2 100.00%
Tessa *drools on keyboard*
0 0%
Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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Full Metal Panic!
Vl731 Wrote:
peleihno Wrote:
Vl731 Wrote:I was more annoyed with Kaname through most of the series, but then again I'm not a big Tsundere fans
Kaname-chan is so lovable. >_> Well, Tsuns aren't for everyone.

Tessa sucks though, looks nice, but she sucks.

That's better then being hit...

True, they aren't for everyone. I think I've seen one that I did like, Misaka Mikoto, rest just seem like crap.

The hits are full of love, VL, love!

You're just not a Tsun kind of guy.

inzaratha Wrote:I love the animes for the comedy and for Sasuske -  his extended disarming scenes are great.     And him blowing up his locker cause he thought a love note was a bomb.  Fumufu is really funny.  

Fumoffu was hilarious, agreed. The last episode had to be the funniest.

But I don't like the love triangle. Polygamy should be allowed, at least in manga world.

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