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Show off you signatures... thread
Here is my new one... and this one was actually done in photoshop. My last one was done using photodraw Tongue

And yes, it should look similar to the previous one, but since another player retired and soon will have their number retired, I added his number too on the redo.

[Image: messsigcopy.jpg]
[Image: serenityhk1.png]

Sig i made from scratch using Terragen and Photoshop CS2 for's SOTW
Actually in my personal opinion it would actually make it better to me if it said Arctic serenity, kinda like a double meaning sort of thing.
good point

[Image: serenityfy9.png]

Add a cooling filter? it'd help
what do you mean?
erm Photo filter.. then cooling filter 82 or summit like that... then change it to multiply and set opacity. i have to go now.
Arctic Wrote:good point

[Image: serenityfy9.png]


Yes better, I like the idea of serenity and the imagery of serenity in a beautiful place like the arctic really appeals to me.
cant find the filter :S
If you want to apply the photo filter command directly to a layer, choose Image --> Adjustments --> Photo Filter. The Photo Filter dialog box opens.


[Image: redhotcopyvi0.png]

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