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Favorite Character...
Itachi is just 'pretty' so....I'm still with Gamaitchi.
My favorites are deidara because he had the guts to blow himself up to try to kill sasuke, kakashi he has MS without killing someone, and shikamaru because he comes up with the best stategies
im with the person that kills sasuke....if sasuke survives the manga...then my favorite character will be natural causes....cuz thats what sasuke will die of
My second favorite character ^^:grin:
i've got a couple
1. naruto: main character and if i didnt like him i wouldnt read naruto. also he is a bit of an underdog and despite having a rubbish childhood is still nice. also in part 2 he kicks ass and his new jutsu is amazing.
2. shikamaru: the brains of the manga. may not be the best fighter but is the smartest, up holds the pharse 'brains over brawn'
3. sakura: annoying in part 1 with her sasuke love, but powerful in part 2 and finally shows that she cares for naruto on the same level that she did with sasuke
4. Gai/Rock Lee: kinda the same personality so im putting them together. mainly because they are the comic relief of the manga and provide the humour. also FUZZY BROWS!
5. tobi: simply because, I WANT TO KNOW IF HE IS MADARA UCHIHA!!!!!!

most hated is definately sasuke, because 1. i just dont care about your sad life, 2. the emoness is just annoying at the best of times 3. shows no loyalty to naruto and sakura who fought so hard for his behalf, basically backstabs his friends. also he steals the show from naruto and his hyped up as being all powerful, when really he is a twat

:offtopic: does anyone not think that sasuke, both in looks and life story, greatly resembles Jin from the Tekken games?!

....Dude. Don't dis Jin. He makes the emo thing work.
Tsunade and Pre-Madara uber powerful Tobi. There was something about his incompetence that I really liked.
my favorite character isnt kisame
he's just favorite in akatsuki.....
my favorite is..............................................
uhhh....i should have a favorite rather than just the person who kills sasuke....
well i cant think of one so kisame for now....go mutants!
gara is the man he became a kazekage in young age and he is so strong also they can make a manga about him too
shikamaru rules he is the smarteset ninja

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