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(spoilers) Chapter 119 Discussion
So what is Allen gonna do next...??
Will Lavi break and go nuts? Is Tyki officially dead? Are Crowley and Kanda dead? Shouldnt the ark have collapsed by now...
It should collapse soon. i think lavi'll get out of it. its kinda predictable
lavi will 'die'.... most likely... look at evangelion... after looking through the heart, asuka went into a comma...
tiki isnt dead cuz they said the innosense onli kills the noah... not the human part of him
simple and clean~~~Tongue
well i think lavi will live. i think he'll end up breaking out and release a new seal which we havnt seen yet. he will probably be badly injured though. as for kanda and crowley getting out, i think they are still alive but hanging by a thread and that marian cross will save them.

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