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Which Naruto character are you?
I took a Test, and I got Shikamaru...Strange.
as far as villains go I'm Zabuza.....kick ass.

my friends normally rate me between yamato and naruto. weird but still kickass.
On the evil charactertest i got Gatou

On the saiyanisland test i got kakashi
I took the test and I got Sakura, well I kinda act like her worrying about people and tough .
evil and love tests (forgot the site)
on the evil guy test i got Sports Cars and Itachi lol
on the love test i got kurenai apparently i love illusionist lol

sayain island
temari matchs my horoscope
and on the character test im garra
on the sand and leaf ninja test im neji
and on the same test this time female im hinata lol
I am Momochi Zabuza in that test......not bad..... the love test....

Genin from the Sound, tool of Orochimaru, your one true love : Kin
Rivals :
- None. Just take her.

WTH ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?
I'd say I'm... a mixture... im lazy like shika and quiet like shino
I suppose if I had to really think on it, I'd say I'm more like Jiraiya.

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