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Which Naruto character are you?
I can't focus on one character only. On the outside I'm like Shino, Sasuke on the inside but with a little bit of Shikamaru's attitude. That's me: Saskamano. :nods:
hehe.. a new character, nice.. hehe

im also a kakashi.. ^^
I just took the personality test on saiyanisland and I got Kiba. I have absolutely no idea how that turned out but he's a cool character I like him. Hey at least I get to work with akamaru. He's gotten big and even more kick ass.
I got Shikamaru. It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I'm unmotivated.
wow i got kakashi i did not see that one coming.

i took the bleach one too and got ichigo those are two different characters
[Image: ichigo.gif][/url]
Well..I finally took thaat test. It seems I'm Kabuto..didnt see that coming. I didn't take it on Saiyan Island but this other site I found on google..I'ma find it again and take it once more.
Gatou as evil
Naruto as most alike (did not see that comeing...yea)
Haruno Sakura as love (I hate Sakura... i should have clicked Strong, so she can protect you instead of Cool, gorgeous and hot ... and pink)

i like to be gara or shikamaru
You Are Neji

Proud. Driven. You fix on your objective and stick to it. Some people may see you as cold or even cruel, but they just can't see past your prickly surface. At heart, you care about your companions and may be a little more sensitive than you'd like to admit.

but at naruto kun I was aburame shino

..... i got sasuke on the quiz... i just reaized i have a lot of sasuke's qualities.... except for the emo part

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