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Which Naruto character are you?
And as the evil guy I got..Gaara! YayBig Grin

[Image: i-am-gaara.gif]
That is cool and all, but don't double post.

If you want to post again, and you currently have the last post, just use the edit feature, that is why it is there.
I'm...told I'm like Hinata >_>

Lol, But I don't really know who'd I be most like.
Meisu! Your a Gaara fan too? I just think he rocks in the timeskip...and ya I am SO like Tobi! Today I was so cluess in everything!

Luck has come my way! XPeace Out!
I got Asuma for the love thing, eeeeeeewwwww!
I got Gaara for evil characterTongue... and I got boring Neji for most like...Sad
[Image: loveanko.jpg]
[Image: i-am-zabuza.jpg]

Proud. Driven. You fix on your objective and stick to it. Some people may see you as cold or even cruel, but they just can't see past your prickly surface. At heart, you care about your companions and may be a little more sensitive than you'd like to admit.

[Image: neji.gif]
Apparantly i'm Kakkashi and i'm in love with the fifth. Strange.
i would be like nejii genius of hyuga clan

i would hve Byakugan i can see far range
and my other abilites are ofc gentle fist and Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin and Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
also Eight Trigrams Empty Palm
i would in the main family
Yondaime would be fine with me =]
I think I should be the Fourth. I am completely skilled and unknown. Well not the unknown part. Skilled in: Tennis. DDR. Chugging down Lemonade.

If only my hair was yellow..

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