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Rosario + Vampire Season 2
Chapter 60:

This chapter delivers what a lot of fans have been waiting patiently for these last few months. Tsukune and Gyokuro go head to head against each other with only one winner standing. Tsukune fighting style with the use of Alucard enormous power as something that Gyokuro couldn't handle in this chapter.

One of the things that I liked about this chapter was the fact that Gyokuro revealed that she too was wearing a limiter in the shape of a cross. Although, I got to say that her ability to learn other youkai techniques in a matter of seconds is an unfair advantage in the series. But it was something that I did like for the villain to have, since it meant that she had some sort of advantage over Tsukune and would push him to fight his hardest for the person he cares about the most.

I don't know about anyone else but from the cover page of this latest release I got the impression that we would have seen Aqua making a reappearance in this chapter. But since she didn't reappear in this chapter I am going to leave it at that.
Bah, Gyokuro's sex appeal just took a nose dive. No matter which character in any series out there, who does it; having eyeballs and mouths in the palms of your hands is just plain wrong and disturbing.

The fight itself wasn't bad, it was nice to see Tsukune using more kicks like Moka does. However I think a brutal stomp fight, with Tsukune doing the stomping, would still have been better, possibly combined with him snacking on a part of Alucard. Would have given just enough of a dramatic tension to the whole situation.

I know it ain't gonna happen though, since Tsukune is essential Alucard 2.0 or rather what Alucard should have been in the first place. But the series has so much potential for horror and struggling against unwilling actions, that it's almost a crime to not make use of such events.

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