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the Fourth
ok aside from the AL right quick, if he isnt the father than why whould he just choose a "random baby" it dosen't seem right, i mean naruto haves to be either his son or an orphan or as i've seen written a clone one of these have to be right but than again the storie mentions nothing of this so i guess it'd be best to wait
I dont think the fourth is the AL... I kinda think its a stupid theory. Anyway, how long do you guys think the fourth was hockage. Seems like events happened so quickly he was only hockage for a few months...? I wish we could have seen more action from him in Kakashi Gaiden, also a little more personality.
i think he was hokage for a few years i mean kakashi became jounin and they were still together when was that when he was about 14 ? so there were quite a few years left ....

btw i think that naruto was an orphan whos parents were killed by the kyubii ... and even if it wasnt the case ... i think the 4th just put the 9taiils in a random child because he believed that konoha who as a ninja village puts so much power into friends precious things etc. that i wouldnt matter ... and in the end it didnt ... man the 4th was sooooo smart lol ... or its just me
and sorry about me saying you were all wrong but i had to start my threat good so you guys read it b/c it was sooooo long lol
Kakashi became a jounin when he was 13 and according to kakashi gaiden the fourth was still his team leader. Only a year later Naruto was born (kakashi and naruto are 14 yrs apart in age) which means the kyuubi came and the fourth died. Which means he was only hockage for less than a year...
ok then you're right ... and thats why i believe they could just return to the 3rd
hey i think the fourth is still alive and he is the leader of akt if that is happened iam sure that it will be a great thing becaue every one in the leaf village think that the fourth is the one who protected thge village and he was quite a ninga but being akt leader will definiatlly make naruto angry i can,t wait to see the expression on his face.
Not to interrupt..., but for the dead man who barely even mentioned in manga, why is he so famous to be speculated as Naruto's father..., and even Akatsuki Leader?

As for me..., I don't think him as both..., not as Naruto's father, and certainly not as Akatsuki Leader...
Yeah I know wildstriker, right lol? But I also partake in a theory for him, but I guess people want him alive to see him in action. He was the strongest Leaf Ninja to ever live, "Lightning Flash", Kakashi's sensai, Fourth Hokage, Sealer of Kyuubi, and Jiraiya, a Sannin, even learned Rasengan from him. (I know they don't say that, but where else would Jiraiya get it, if it was created by Yondaime). Lol I have to be honest, if he came back as just a random event like he was hiding in Village hidden in the Clouds, I wouldn't mind, because he is him, the Fourth Hokage. My theory is a little different from everyone else's anyway Big Grin
Hmm..., I see your point. A super legendary ninja, dead for sealing the legendary Kyuubi..., is that why fans are always excited about it?

Y'know, he's dead for sealing the legendary Kyuubi, but the Akatsuki collected those Jinchiruuki like childplay from the one tail to seven tail (or was it eight tail already?).

As for those who thought he is Akatsuki Leader (If in any case, he's alive), perhaps because he fought with the Kyuubi before made him fascinated with its power?, and thus leading him to conquer the world using the tailed beast..., you know how power can change anyone in shounen manga... (now even myself come up with a crazy theory...)
lol welcome to the club. Here :: Presents him with Club member things:: Ok you got your Yondaime action figure, Yondaime stat book, Yondaime in the Bingo Book and maybe when you become an elite member you get the fanmade manga page with Yondaime showing himself as the Akatsuki Leader. Big Grin

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