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the Fourth
Thats sounds about right!! I hope we get another flashback of the 4th so that we can see what his jutsu was really about...
Hey MangaAddict, I love ur sasuke pick! Thats how i like my sasukes too XD anyways...yeah, it would be good to get a good view of the 4ths jutsu
I want to hear what jiraiya and kakashi thought about the 4th, or at least tell naruto something about his life... they are oddly quiet about him...

And thanks acidrain!!:thumbup:
The 4th can kill anybody
Okay why does everyone leave a topic when I post?

But yeah the 4th needs to have more info. If Naruto is Yondaimes son. Why wouldn't they tell him if he was?
Idk I don't think he is Yondaime's son myself lol.
I also believe he's yondaimes son... and I think pein is a crossdresser and really narutos mom....:grin:
me too...maybe the 4th did something very dark and evil once in his life that he cant let doesnt really have anything to do with thatt topic but...yeah...I think he had a deep dark secret...
If it was a secret, then no one knew about it. Also, if it was known by people they could tell NAruto of Yondaime's achievements rather than that dark secret.
I wonder if the yondaime will have a greater role in the series (other then him being narutos dad if thats true)... maybe he did have a dark secret, not everyone can be that great...

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