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One Piece chapter 627 discussion
heh,me making an OP thread Big Grin
anyway,discuss the chap,the marines,lawl,dofluffy,kaido the creature of the sea,parties and etc etc
Say, how did you get 627 for the chapter number?

Anyway... the next island is called "Green Bit"
I guess that buries the theories for Wano coming next.
It sounds a bit like "Little Garden", I hope it's some hell on earth there, too ^^
ha, didnt notice that Big Grin first time and all Tongue
also , i was pretty sleepy when i made this ,so please forgive me :o
i'm a bit interested in caribou's story myself, wonder if he'll join the revolutionaries Big Grin
Man I don't know, but Zoro looks just too cool in that middl panel Big Grin
heh,i just noticed chap 700 is coming soon.something tells me the probability of a break will increase as we reach that chap Tongue

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