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Shout Out Thread XIII
KEY annoys me tons because basically each game is the same thing over and over again. I haven't touched LB or Rewrite, and I think they might be a bit different, but Air, Kanon...Clannad.... its the same NAKIGE...sort of theme.

I don't know, I'm not a huge fan of the build up they do, just to make you feel extremely emotional in the end, because if you don't feel it, the whole game becomes such a waste.
Sure, Some of Clannad's routes were okay... but Most of them Bored me 100% to tears the whole way through.

Basically, if you can't get into ONE Key game, all the KEY games sort of suck :/

Honestly, I don't mind slow buildups. If I minded slow buildups, I wouldnt read VNs. Because VNs only Slow buildup.

But when you don't get that ending your waiting for.. the whole VN just seems kinda pointless.
And KEY's endings always feel rather pointless to me.... I don't feel emotional, I don't get the point of them making these games...

The other problem is that EVERY SINGLE KEY GAME always gets translated...which makes other VNs not get translated :/
Plus, KEY is the only thing 4chan seems not to hate. that pisses me off too ;D
We must anger Sana.
plz do.
Top 5 Fetishes bitches.

1. Monster Girls
2. Mahou Shoujos
3. Femdom
4. Shibari
5. Humiliation/Maid

I think that's right....
Magical girls?
I would rank Femdom as Second.
perception Wrote:Magical girls?

Pettanko + Magic....... It's kinda hard to beat you know.

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