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Bleach Chapter 521 Discussion
New Chapter out!

Kinda disappointed to not really get any juicy information out of the chapter... just silliness...

But was very interesting to discover that all the Royal Guards have earned their place by inventing something of historical significance.

They are clearly getting a powerup... brimming with more reiatsu than ever (even though ichigo having more reiatsu than Mugetsu)

But I am very excited to meet the inventor of the Zanpakuto!
Senshumaru: ???
Kirio: Gikongan
Kirinji: healing techniques
Osho: ???
Dem Shades: Zanpakuto

I suspect one of the two unknowns invented kidō. Or perhaps one invented bakudō (shutara) and the other hakudō? (osho)
Either way, Yama-jii is seeming smaller and smaller in comparison now imo
DemShades sama is soooooooo awesome
Huh, a new thought. Maybe Aizen/Urahara created the Hougyoku in an attempt to gain recognition from the Soul King as an invention worthy of promotion. Maybe they were almost about to reach that goal and the King saw the potential for evil with the little orb and said 'nop'.

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