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It's down again...
aandddddddd its down again

I'm going to bed, it should be fine by the morning anyway
Jeral Fernandes Wrote:It's down again...

Awesome sig btw :thumbup:
Gee, I left last night and we were at page 3. Now, we're on page 23! :eek:

Evangelion[lovr Wrote:2.0]
Wait I just remembered something.... Has anyone spoke with Sena-kun?

You rang. Miss me already? lol

Anyway, I'm glad the server is holding steady. It was up and down for me there. But I think relax a bit now. Boy! I'm happy this site is here and very convenient to use when there's a problem. Big Grin

Well, time to leave and head on over to the new place. See you all there. Smile
Yeah, the last 20 minutes or so, the problems seem to have been worked out.
ohhhhhh zzzz....nevermind....disregard...
Looks like it's down again.

I bet it's those bots that keep overloading the system or something. o.O
Oh CMON! i just returned shop shopping and it went off Big Grin

damn.. why it only works when i sleep
Oddly enough it worked well for me until like 5 minutes ago...
Ah well, as long as someone is working on it I don't mind.

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