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Access Forbidden
yup they know us so well Big Grin
first thing to do when the big 3 come out is to make threads here first i think Tongue
but its not a big 3 day and people arent really postin all that much today._. how strange this usually happens later on in the week
it was ok after i posted that but now its back to bad about irony lol Tongue
yeah i think imma just play some vidya games for a while
maybe if i talk about how its down again will make it come back?
~looks around~
man, it sure is down right now Tongue
That would be wishful thinking on your part.

I really don't mind if the main forum is down too much, since a lot of the manga that I read are monthly.

Plus, I have a lot of Visual Novels that I need to catch up on.
It seems like the site is going down again.
And we're back, right in the middle of a post *Sigh*
And its back up

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