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Better introduce myself too!
Hey everyone, i am CrazyBleachFan. I am 16 and I play soccer and tennis. I read the mangas Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Kekkaishi, Fairy Tail, World's Strongest Disciple, Kenichi and Black God (when's the next one coming out anyone know?). If you guys have any good mangas you wanna suggest, please do, because I am always up for a new one.

I also do some work for an Online RPG called saiyanlegacy. It is a DBZ based rpg if any of you are interrested. I also do work for a Byond game called Naruto Final Resolution, so if you guys wanna join the work as coders, iconners, mappers, or Gfxers, give me a good sample and I will relay it to the Boss. Well that's all Bleach rulessss!
late welcoming from arctic Tongue
It's about time! Hahahaha, you already have three stars silly... anyway, welcome to the board I suppose don't get too crazy you crazy fan you. Absolutely love your avatar... heh. If you ever want to talk about your favorite jump mangas I am always open on my private messenger, you seem like a cool guy.
Hey thanks guys. Yeah I will be sure to excel, but I usually just post what I am thinking anyway lol like to see if I can get mass approval for my hairbrain ideas and thanks yeah I got it off of Bleach episode 125. Now I just gotta get or do a sig with Ichigo standing in the middle between Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo and then I will be set Cool.
As some say, better late than never... and perhaps future members will one day look through the archive to see this.
Haha! Welcome to OneManga! Do I know you....XD! Thanks for the welcome earlier! Returning the favour. Big Grin

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