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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic
I wasn't sure what we to do in this forum yet, and if there was another Reader that knew about the site. Since there is another read, might as well continue the discussion when the the main website was down when the new chapter came out.

1) Laem has 3 Dungeon Conqerors. That doesn't seem as Impressive as Kou Amry. Note I haven't taken into account the Fanlist army yet...
2) Their emeperor is not a Dungeon conquror. His son is but.... Why did S magi pick him then? (note that this is not recent since She been there for atleast 200 years)

3) So now we know the connection between the Academy and Al Sarmen. I guess Everyone was correct, yet not completely on the mark?
Let see what were the guess:
1) mine: No connection to Al Sarmen. Kind true as they may have found out that tech without Al Sarmen. It just that Al Sarmen hasten that.
4) Al Sarmen is invoved with revolution similar to Badgad: I'm not sure if this is true or not. Considering that both sides were using each other, and that Magomett kicked Al Sarmen out. They were mostly having a technology alliance, so that person Oben pointed out, i doun't think he is with Al Sarmen.

5) Kinda wished that Alladin point out the flaw with the lowlives part is that magicians would get hurt while comming to the Academy. For example, if instead of the Kou prince and Alladin, but a weaker 6 ranked person were to go to the academy and learn, but got attacked, this means Magomett indirectly hurt him.

6) I'm sure Alladin won't join the war, but rather try to be a peace maker. but that is difficult compared the Koga tribe conflict he faced.... I'm guessing it time for him to gather his allies?
7) I wonder what Alibaba's stance? He is more or less with the Magoi manupliation tribe. The Magoi manupliation tribe, i'm not sure if they are invoved With Laem or not. We know they travel alot, thus have no fixed location. While I don't see Alladin fighting for the Academy, i i'm not 100% on Alibaba's side.
There is already a Magi thread...

1) I also think that Kou might be stronger, currently.
2) Since Scheherzade sems to run the business alone, it probably doesn't matter who she picks, he probably doesn't have much power.
3) You can't say that, really - Al Sarmen was there, and that's what matters, epecially the info about the Black Rukh seems to come only from Al Sarmen (it doesn't seem to be public knowledge).
4) It might still happen, but it seems more likely Al Sarmen wasn't involved with the revolution. I wouldn't put it as impossible, though.

6) I doubt Alladin will be succesful - both Mogamett and Scheherzade are way too big Brickheads for that.
7) Alibaba knows that Alladin is in Magnoshuttat, I doubt he'd go to war against him - except he goes knowing what he is doing with the thought in mind of betrying/not helping Laem.

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