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K (K-Project)
Another anime that was popular in the anime discussions thread back at OMF

Link to new episode
Yeah I didn't even know what to make of the end of this episode XD, I mean hey we'll get a cat fight next episode :ba dum tsh: but at the same time, who the heck is notSephiroth if he's not Weismann? He's not the SilverKing at least, guess that means the fox actually is the colorless King though, as usual though best part of the episode was Neko faces EDIT: also I'm betting that Neko is reincarnated/original Weissman sister, you heard it here first, they look alike to me is all
I had a feeling that Shiro was Weissman....However who the hell is Sephiroth guy? Who or what the hell is that spirit fox lol :XD: As usual I was impressed by The Red and Blue King, this whole gang war is going pretty good IMO....But seeing Shiro speak German at the end was sooooo cool :aww:

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