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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
We've got SAO and Chuuni. We're missing one.

Anyways, what were everyone's thoughts on this week's episode. I love how Ryuunosuke shat on Rita like that.
It was glorious. Ryuunosuke is the man. I was disappointed with Rita at the end however with her "I haven't given up yet" though; just means she'll get all annoying again in another episode probably. :/
I was annoyed that Ryuuosuke was painted as the bad guy there despite being spot on, and that no one has actually mentioned the "Mashiro should do what she wants" argument but instead go all "I could never convince her anyway"
Yeah I agree, they don't seem to think she can make life decisions of her own... TBH, I would've done the same thing Ryuunosuke did, she's just some random annoying freeloader girl who's dissing a friend, yet they all get angry at him? Seems weird to me.

They treat Mashiro like too much of an idiot at times. Sure she struggles with social aspects of life and other stuff like all the housekeeping stuff Sorata does for her, but she still has normal feelings, and Sorata and Rita both appear guilty at times of forgetting that and treating her wrong or that they know best. At least that's the way I see it sometimes.
I have no drive to continue this at times. Nanami is going to end up depressed and that'll just depress me more.

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