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Spamamdorf Wrote:But... but what's wrong with liking Kenny? XD Besides I've already awknowledged that Aizen is superior so what's wrong with liking another alongside him? XD ah whatever
There is so much wrong with Zaraki Kenpachi, but this isn't the place to discuss it. Just feel ashamed for liking him. No amount of Aizen love can excuse that.
This had to happen right after I'd determined that I was on your side as far as busts went didn't it? XD I thought we'd come to an understanding but apparently not, alas
I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to KENPAHI ZURRAKEE, URAHA KISOOKAY and One Piece in general.
What so you also don't talk to DEW for his Eneru liking or what?
DEW told me that Aizen was still better than Enel, and that Bleach is still better than One Piece. I don't like the fact that he reads it, but at least his priorities are straight. Also, while I don't approve of One Piece as a whole, I do approve of a handful of characters like Croc and Kizaru.

My hatred for Godpachi is probably equal to my hatred of Luffy. URAHA still beats out everything else though.
God Mode, Itachi is far worse than even Urahara when it comes to a plot-protected, Ass-pull riddled, annoying fapping fanbase character.

Itachi I think is my number one most hated, Mihawk and Zoro somewhere after, then Kanpachi and Urahara.
You guys are being rude towards the members that actually want to discuss Chuunibyou

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