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Favorite Arc
Pretty self explanatory.

I think it's hard for me to pinpoint one down. I loved the Arlong Park arc, and i'm a HUGE fan of the Alabasta arc. The CP9 arc is definatly up there...and i'd have to say those are my top 3 for sure at this point in time in no particular order.

Your turn!
i like the CP9 arc the best so far but the thriller bark is showin sum potential to be a really great one too
all of the arcs have been good so it really doesnt matter what the best one is
all time favorite arc is easily "little garden".
It is too early too understand everybody's personality but here everything becomes clear. Sanji shows his smart side and ladyloving side, luffy shows his uncompromising side and his ability to adjust in middle of combat. (and when he answers "instinct" that is pretty much the coolest thing in the manga so far), zoro shows he's willing to cut his legs of just to combat them a little, ussop finds his purpose in life, and everybody finally accepts luffy's leadership and decides to "go straight" tru whatever is in their way...
This arc made me understand what one piece was all about and how everybody fits together, a work of genius. And not to mention Zoro taking a cool pose on the candle and making fun of the others for dying without looking cool --> funniest thing so far!
um.. luv the cp9 arc. simply b/c the whole crew shows an awesome improvement of skills and power. each member has new techniques and shows that it still has a lot of space to grow. it just made me very curious about the next arcs.

the arc i hate the most is alabasta. it just took way too long and i just couldn't like that girl vivi.

Skypiea was my fav, then the Bratie arc is second
i liked the west(?) sea ark were Luffy started to gather most of his crew members and i would definatly say cp9 agreeing with MADdeliciousONE.

i didn't really have one that i didn't liked though...
mine would be the CP9 arc just seeing how much the whole crew had improved their skills sent a tingle down my spine!!
oh and the skypeia arc was a good one aswell
My favorite arc was the jaya arc and few chapters in the beginning skypiea
CP9 for me
I agree. CP9 arc was great. Loved seeing Spanda get shot in the face by Sogeking.

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