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One piece 692
YyAoMmIi Wrote:I'm pretty sure he is not affected by the smoke in the first place. Gas doesn't affect non living, just like how the sleeping gas that took everyone on the ship was out didn't affect him.
Hmm, that's quite possible too.
Good chapter I guess... can't wait to see Baby-5..
liked the color page thats about it.
I just liked Baby-5.... so she can turn any part of her body into a weapon O.o

Perfect Assassin.
i love how like last chapter people started realizing that franky was afk and now he shows up, oda has got his timing down lol.

am i the only one who thought that thought that sanji and brook would immidiatly go after baby 5 and that she would be forced to give brook her panties and would go out with sanji, thus creating the most hilarious conflict in OP?

that conflict being brook and sanji turning on the SHs and zoro and sanji having a real fight lol and then brook and sanji eventually being 1 shot by nami.

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