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One piece 692
OMG how could you not recognise me. I'm dissapoint Sad
I'd guess overrated/Miss Cocky... but that doesn't fit your current username at all ^^
Wut overrated/Miss Coquine/Flawfree Princess are all interchangeable adjectives to describe me :hurr:

Though if OM is down for good I'll go back to MQ
... I see.
So you're an overrated princess Tongue

As for the chapter, any ideas who "Jack" might be?
I could imagine Franky's father, he still has to appear.
I liked this chapter. Caesar's defeat was a bit weird, with all that crying and stuff; but the rest of the chapter (New Worlds reaction, DD's subordinates, Franky) made up for that. Oh, and now we know that the Shinokuni victims will be cured somehow, now that a non-fodder character has been affected.
Usopp dealing with CC's subordinates is also awesome.
Well, another Villain getting Luffy'd

New arc plox
Nice chapter this was, seeing Luffy send CC flying made me smile Smile looks like all the strawhats are going to make it and LOL @ the samurai dude :XD:

The new "assassin" girl is hot, she seems desperate to have companionship though :lol: Law getting mad at Luffy hurt me inside, I really hope this doesn't strain the alliance.

Also, it looks like Franky will capture CC, its time to see what he can do, if he doesn't beat those two, Law will definitely come and finish the job if necesary, I don't see Oda allowing CC to get back in Joker's hands, especially after all thats happened. I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone watching via livestream will respond to this
Flawfree Princess Wrote:Wut overrated/Miss Coquine/Flawfree Princess are all interchangeable adjectives to describe me :hurr:

Though if OM is down for good I'll go back to MQ
Overrated isn't a compliment. lol

Though I never knew that Miss Conquine and Overrated were the same person. I thought overrated was a dude for a while, and you seemed a lot more.... irrational when you had that UN. As Miss C you were still very much a boa fangirl, but you did have rationale.

Anyways Hi!
What was the purpose of absorbing Shinokuni if he was only going to cry and beg for Luffy not to harm him? Ah, it was all so we could see Luffy's big "new" attack. Because Luffy's attack is far more important than a likable, competent boss for this arc. Mhm.

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