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Bleach Chapter 520 Discussion
New Chapter OUT!!!
You know. It's just not the same without the real OMF. But I wonder who that second guy on the list was. LOL. And Godpachi scared even Yama-jii. Oh how the fandom must be roiling right about now!
more zaraki hype :lol:
unohana :awesome:
CC shunshui :awesome:
renji tanking a punch from a RG :awesome: :derp:
Eh ... So C46 is the one who made Shinsui CC, well that explains that.

An Yama-jii was afraid or stopped Kenpachi's training because of how powerful he was or could have been. Oh geez when does the silly Zaraki hype end *facepalm*

Though Unohana will be Zaraki's teacher in becoming stronger, heh well that'll be interesting.

Ok that was actually quite a bit more than I expected. And I love every bit of it.
Wow, it really doesn't feel right posting here instead of the real OMF.

Guess I will set up my avy and sig later.

As far as the chapter goes, I freaken called Shunsui being the next CC in the previous topics.

So where are all the guys who said otherwise now lol?

Thought he was to lazy?


Thought he would flat out refuse due to his character?

Those where just a few of the reasons I saw people give against him being CC without even taking into consideration how Yama's death would obviously effect him.

The latest chapters proved that with him taking on a leadership role amongst Captains.

But the obvious highlight of this chapter is Unohana being the freaken first Kenpachi!!!

Unohana fans must be jumping out of their seats since this pretty much assures everyone that she is definitely going to be kicking major butt later on.

And nice to see that Kenpachi is remaining the focal point for this war.

Even they must realize that Kenpachi is their greatest weapon here since he doesn't rely on a bankai.

And also Juha labeling him as a "Special War Potential" pretty much solidified his status of being important in this war.

Also, wonder where Ichigo and Renji are heading to next?

Holy-- Unohana is the first Kenpachi? How did she---?
[Image: Unohana.jpg]
[Image: Unohana-2.jpg]
NF strikes again:lmao:
Unohana fangasm. She is going to wreak havoc in the next invasion. Also, her name is Yachiru? Like Kenpachi's VC? Hmm...

And by the sounds of it, Kenpachi will also be getting a giant power-up for the next part of the arc. Hopefully it's something impressive and interesting, not just a boost in his power/reiatsu.

Happy to see Shunsui confirmed as CC, Mr. Eyepatch is just too boss not to be CC. He doesn't seem all that happy about it, but he's not the type to complain when it comes down to something as serious as this.
Is it wrong that I'm excited about Renji again.. even though I know next fight he will be useless once more?

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