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Bleach Spoilers and Discussion
I hate the new spoilers. But I like you guys more.

And that's quite the compliment. Because I hate the spoilers a lot.

From BleachAsylum:

Shunsui becomes CC
He wants two VCs
冲牙三席 & 伊势副队
Renji Jumping around
Initial job of CC is to teach Kenpachi Kenjutsu
春水:卯之花队长...不,初代剑八 卯之花八千流
Unohana was the first Kenpachi
So Unohana was the first Kenpachi? .... AWESOME Big Grin
Just makes her hopeful battle(s) all the more epic, as well makes her > Zaraki
[spoiler]Plus I was probably right about that long haired person next to Yama being her if she's the First Kenpachi[/spoiler]

Shunsui becomes CC ... sounds a bit awkward for him to become CC when Unohana is the most senior officer right after Yamamoto; guess they don't follow chain of command or it's just Kubo giving the fans something to chew on for a while.
I KNEW IT! I knew Unohana was the first Kenpachi!

It is kinda amazing that Shunsui got picked over Unohana and Ukitake so quickly. I would think that type of deliberation would take more time and quite a bit of explanation (for the sake of the fans, at least).
Though are these SPOILERS confirmed or just something out there so far?
They're from the usual source, yup.

Oh, and there's a pic.

[Image: L2X4R.jpg]

Also, her real name is...

Unohana Yachiru. DUN DUN DUN :derp:
Woah ..... that expression is very ...... disturbing.

Makes me think of one of those horror manga's and the whole psycho look somebody has when their about to go on a killing spree or something.
Damanos Wrote:Also, her real name is...

Unohana Yachiru.  DUN DUN DUN :derp:

Your joking right?

If not then ... is Yachiru Kusajishi related to her in some way?
Narubi Wrote:
Damanos Wrote:Also, her real name is...

Unohana Yachiru.  DUN DUN DUN :derp:

Your joking right?

If not then ... is Yachiru Kusajishi related to her in some way?

No, I shit you not.  Shunsui calls her than on the last page.  There was an unusual amount of focus on Kirinji calling her Retsu a few chapters ago, so it's not too shocking.

And it means that Unohana is "the only person Kenpahi ever admired" who named Yachiru after.  

Edit: Lolcensors.
Well at least I guess Kubo is tying up some lose ends with past chapters I suppose.
Though I'm surprised we haven't seen Kenpachi try to fight Unohana at all, or nag her about her "Kenpachi" days. Or does he only know her by name and not person?

An I suppose the "Retsu" part was kinda hinting at that not being her name, seeing as how it was applied in a form of insult or mockery.

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