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What is your newest manga or what manga are you reading...
Ok,  I will start this up here.

Name:   Duction Man
How I Started:   I saw it a couple of months ago and I wasn't sure about it but I read the synopsis further and thought I'd check it out.   And I just read the first 9 chapters in one go.
Like:  It's a Seinen about a guy who goes into the film / acting industry as a manager even though he has a deep hatred of the field because he has to for the woman he loves.      So romance, etc.  
I like that the mc is a badass instead of a wimp.    And it's a romance where he actually tells the girl he loves her right from the get go.
Name: Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
Started: I was felt like reading a deep tragedy kind of manga and I decided upon this one.
Like: I've only read the first couple of chapters so far but I'm liking it for sure. It's definitely something that touches on sensitive subjects with one of the main characters on death row. Psychological, tragedy, and dark really comes off strong in this manga for me. And I'm expecting tears later on!! It's a short 8chapter read manga.
Name:   Anata ni Hana Sasagemashou
How I Started:   It's a josei by the author of Midnight Secretary,  romance with supernatural theme  It is a newer one being currently translated.
Like:   Yes I really like this author's art and stories and her guys are drawn very nicely  Smile Actually all the characters are drawn well and the art is good and the characterizations are strong, but it's also got a good supernatural mystery with ghosts and curses and such.

Name: Molester Man aka Chikan Otoko
How I Started: It was a new manga that looked interesting, sort of like Desha Otoko.
Like: It's by the mangaka of Onani Master Kurosawa, so it's a bit different, sort of like a slice of life with a bit of romance.
College guy gets accussed of being a molester / stalker when he was innocent, and then becomes friends with the accuser and her friends. It's pretty funny.
NAME: Soul Eater
How I started: Insane Soul nagging :derp:
Like: Just look at my sexy signature.
Name: Sora no Shita Yane no Naka

How I started: I was extremely bored so I used the "Surprise" option o.O

Like: No. Dropped at chapter 5. It's about a NEET gal trying to find a job.
Name: I Am a Hero
How I started: Been on my radar for awhile now.
Like: Starts off as a slice of life manga, then at end of volume 1.. BAM, zombie apocalypse. Probably the best horror manga out there. It's both hilarious and tragic. Love the realistic artwork, the characters (can relate to the protagonist), the story, the violence, and the comedy (and manga comedy doesn't usually do it for me).
Name: Tower of God
How I started: Heard stuff about how good of a manga it was, decided to try it out
Like: It's an excellent manga, finished it in 2 days and I've read it at least another 2 times. The story is intresting, the characters are likeable it gives a fresh feeling overall.

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