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Shout Out Thread XII: Retro Style
Petite Fleur Wrote:
DEW Wrote:Can someone end the world early, like today? I don't want to write my tests this week.

I'd do it myself, but it takes too much energy to end a planet.

You must still be running a window 97 doomsday device
or a mac
Vista actually.
No wonder
Wait... Kurapika is a guy?! Boy I was wrong, so very very wrong.
Jeral Fernandes Wrote:Wait... Kurapika is a guy?! Boy I was wrong, so very very wrong.
He is so unmanly it is understandable.
DEW Wrote:He is so unmanly it is understandable.
/glares at.
careful pika, Masked Rider might hit on you.
I have arrived.
So apparently on my economics test there is a chart where you have to fill out data but she gives you the formula...

Am I being tested on my ability to use a calculator?

God Mode, stop posting exactly when I do.
I had a take-home final in one of my classes. I was so happy.~


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