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Shout Out Thread XII: Retro Style
Kurapika Wrote:yanderes suck, tsunderes ftw.
To be honest, whenever someone says they like Yanderes, I just think they like Netorae.
Okay Sana, I will.

My favorite funny moment from Mark Of Athena~

My favorite moment was more sad...but yeah this was an awesome scene and spoke a lot on how connected they are (and how smart Annabeth is knowing Percy would notice her trademark knife while underwater)
[Image: tumblr_meh4pkSX5L1rnt9rso1_r1_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_meh4pkSX5L1rnt9rso2_r1_500.jpg][Image: tumblr_meh4pkSX5L1rnt9rso3_r1_500.jpg]

I want a new percabeth theme now D:

But a new theme on this server? D:
Also tumblr sucks (more) now.
That looks pretty interesting C:

I haven't used Tumblr for like 2 months D:....did it change that much?
I'm not hipster enough for Tumblr :/
I just want to find pictures for themes D:
[Image: tumblr_md023410n31qem0fvo1_1280.jpg]

My favorite moment ;____;
Okay, I'm almost falling asleep, Im out.

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