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Shout Out Thread XII: Retro Style
My Thread be spinning! Err, I mean my head. I wish the forum was workin' D:

I am sad that we still know nothing. Sad
So perception. My Game does crash too!
And from what I've read! So does everyone elses! YEAH!

So in other words, I think there are like 2 solutions.

1. To never close the game..... and never save.

2. To never overwrite your save, so you can just replay the last autosave if the newest one does crash.

Or you could do both. :/
well i have no problems with MGQ crashing... i am up to monster castle and everything is fine no problems whatsoever.

i started this game with one emotion that never changed.... MUST KILL ILIAS, i hate her so much it's not funny.
No there's a patch for it. But I guess I just don't know how to use it.
For some reason I can't seem to find this patch either :/

Actually, judging by the theory Illias is an Angel and Luca has holy blood in his body, I think they might be related.

She might be his aunt or something.

Still, I think if it turns out Illias is the bad guy, it sorta just ruins the whole point of MQ ...
Cuz its trying to say there arent bad guys :/
Hurray for spoilers.
Not spoilers.

Just theory crafting :/

And if we are talking about the holy blood thing, that was mentioned like in the beggining of MQ D:
itano123 is spoiling the ending. :/
actually MGQ3 is all about....well it would be a major spoiler, also there are clear bad guys later on....btw alice is/was a virgin

also luka's lignage is mostly known now

when where the angles said to be good guys? by the stupid followers who hate monsters? the same angles who Luka starts to doubt? the same angel that keeps telling Luka to kill Alice even though they want peace?


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