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OMF is down... again...again
Yes it's not just you, OMF seems to be down right now. I'll put any news I hear about it in this thread. Here's hoping it doesn't last.
Emailed the contact us/server people. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Maybe they'll even answer my questions about getting server access to do backups with.
Good to hear. I'm really worried, this is happening more and more often.
in case anyone didn't know, omf is back up

Quote:We've unfortunately been experiencing some downtime recently, and it's beyond our control.

When things happen, we make announcements on the twitter @onemangaforums

Our old forum is available at and everyone is welcome there when we experience downtime.

I'm looking into putting up a forum one for us to use. I don't know how soon that will be functional, but hopefully that will provide a more stable alternative.
omf is down again. Probably the same issue as 2 days ago
THA HECK IS HAPPENING?? Sup Jacky and noob Zero
Also sup Greg
Aha, this is what happens when I don't go on the forums, stuff blows up Big Grin
It misses you badly. Its time to start up this place again Big Grin

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