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Gundam Unicorn OVA's
Yeah it's what the anime is based on. Well if does turn out to be alive I'm cool with that I mean hey it's just like cruise control on a car/truck/suv. :D

No chance other aliases being that cool. T_T :D
well I wouldn't really call it cruise control but alright I get the point
still I'd rather it be because of the pilot's massive underrated skill than the Gundam though...

really, none? that's a shame

btw I'm so glad that the only other person still has actually seen the OVA's and knows what I'm talking about
Hmmm I just finished watching episode 3, and you might be right about the Gundam being similar to Wing Zero seems like it has a will of it's own.
I was hoping I was wrong... oh well I'm still gonna watch the rest of it anyways since as a whole I do enjoy the Gundam series.

btw is the third OVA good?
Yeah it was good. My only complaint is Banagher keeps whining about having to kill people wth does he expect is going to happen when he's in combat? It's either kill or be killed.
yeah, he's an idiot trying to become a puppet >_>
Have you watched it yet?
not yet, I might tomorrow
Still haven't watched it?
I was busy today. I'll try tomorrow if nothing comes up

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