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489: ''Enter Shanks! The Great War Comes to an End''
Title: ''Enter Shanks! The Great War Comes to an End''
Chapters Covered: 580
New Characters: None
Animation Director: Atsuko Kawamura (****)
Time: 7:30PM EST
Watch It:

episode 490 preview
I have mixed feelings about this episode, as I do with most of the episodes in this arc.

Aokiji and Kizaru were fucking beastly. As much if not more so than Akainu. Their attacks looked epic.

Bepo was annoying and lame in this episode. Law was interesting though.

I nearly fangasmed when Yasopp and Van Auger raised their guns to each other. That is a fantasy fight that would be beyond epic.

This episode had a still shot overload. That was horrible IMO.

Thanks for the link, I will check out the episode tomorrow. I'll probably comment on it then

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