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One piece chapter 616 Discussion/617 predictions
Might as well discuss the latest chapter or make predictions for the next one
I predict that there won't be the fight everyone is anticipating. It is too early for the final battle. Maybe it will just be round 1, but definitely not the climax fight. People may be disappointed.
Looking at the current pace of the manga, this arc I think will be shorter than most anticipated. I've seen a lot of people expecting Zoro to fight Hodi, but I don't think that will happen. I think Jinbe might interfere before Hodi and Zoro clash, I think there is a big reason, he didn't want Luffy to fight Hodi in the first place and I don't believe it has to do with strength. We should learn about it soon enough
Luffy will fight with Jinbe. I'm calling it.
No way, I think Sanji and Jinbe will fight. Sanji misunderstands Jinbe's title and fights him to prove that he is the true knight of love
Sanji will fight the mermaid blood clone that he shot out of his nose.
Yeah but it was in the shape of a woman, so he cant really fight it. I have a strange feeling that Zoro will develop a 3rd eye on his forehead
He will finally get over his issue with hitting women, by killing the mermaid blood clone he produced.
Nooooo. Don't ruin my favourite character :mad:

That blood clone might actually turn out to be an enemy and if it does, the only one I believe it will fight is Robin
LOL. Robin is obviously going to fight Ikaros the squid fishman.

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