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Add New Forums and Sub-forums
Well might as well, bring some sort of order to call this chaos. At least bring this site as close to the active, "i'm locked out of it so i can't counter any posts" OMF site.

So who's in charge of all that?
I think the only one with mod powers that can create sub forums and make major changes like that is Greg, and I doubt he will want to do it with the trouble he is dealing with at the new forum.

If we really want to make the best of this forum while we are locked out, I guess we could make some current threads and stuff.
well so much for best forum
It's still better. Real talk
lol real spam but yeah, I find it easier to talk here too
I guess it's the freedom, it's lawless here and I love it. :D
it does have it's perks, although there is always a flipside to it
I heard there was gonna be a new forum
Yea, IIRC, Greg was going to make another back up forum.
I suppose that's still a long way to go though Confusedhrug:

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