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Best of the Big 3 Shonen
Which is the best between One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto?

I say One Piece. Tell me the whites of my eyes ain't black.
I stopped following all 3 of them a while ago

but a few years ago it was Bleach
i am losing interest in manga in general. maybe i am finally getting too old for this stuff
maybe, but you definitely wouldn't be the oldest
true, i guess i am just growing out of it. i did read a lot of manga in my day. it was a good run. it may be time to pick one series to follow and drop the rest.
Bleach is the one I like the most,I don't find Naruto entertaining as it was before and nothing has captured my interest in OP since the timeskip.
Naruto is dropping in quality really fast.

My expectations for Bleach are so low, that I am actually starting to enjoy some aspects of it in this new arc.

One Piece continues to entertain and interest me.

Don't do it Matt....
Why bring this topic here, sigh....
Anyway for me, OP=Naruto>>Bleach.
I will leave my opinion at that.
Matt what do you mean by low expectations.
professor Wrote:Matt what do you mean by low expectations.

Exactly that. I don't expect much from it anymore. I just go with whatever Kubo offers each week and try my best to find something entertaining out of it.

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