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Bleach chapter 525 discussion
discuss the chap,kidpaachi and his ninjaness,unohype, the future chaps and etc etc here
Kenpachi is becoming the worst character in Bleach. Seriously all this stuff he's getting makes him worse not better, it does nothing to improve his character .. it just makes him as static an broken as he always is.

Anyways I hope Unohana doesn't die, I want to see what she's fully capable of.
Worst chapter of anything I've read in a while.
What could be more boring than 2 Kenpachi's fighting.

And didnt we pretty much see this in kenpachi vs Nnoitra

Lol @ Unohypa hopefully we never see her again.
peleihno Wrote:Worst chapter of anything I've read in a while.

Pretty much this.
I'm gonna be honest...I did not feel great about this chapter. Kenpachi being able to take Unohana as a brat AD being stronger than her just does not sit well with me. Not to mention that all the hype that Unohana got means jack squat in the long run and that the best and only fight she has is lackluster. It feels sad that she has to go this route in the first place, becoming something she tried to keep away for years, only to have it feel like a waste in the end when she finally has to turn back.

Kenpachi as well just...Whatever character development that was foreshadowed in the previous chapter feels like it was wasted in this chapter. Maybe I'm wrong and we'll see something different. I honestly hope that I'm wrong.
Great chapter 10/10 keep it up Kubo!!
ridiculous...but cant stop reading....argh!
ddboy102 Wrote:What could be more boring than 2 Kenpachi's fighting.

Three Kenpach's fighting?
Odd that people are taken reading so much into what Unohana was saying never did I get the impression that Kubo was trying to imply that Zaraki as a kid was stronger than Unohana at that particular moment he was fighting at his current limit it was a first time that he was able to let loose and she did not, as shown with her shikai not even being released,I believe that there is an ulterior meaning when she said "even I was not a match for you" leaning more to his thirst for battle. After experiencing battle with Unohana that sense of euphoria he felt he wanted something stronger but she could not give it to him.As he got older that feeling eluded him and hence the shackling only when he reaches his full potential and fight someone who he can let loose again will he surpass that sense of pleasure he had with Unohana in battle.

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