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Bleach Chapter 520 Discussion
angervictor Wrote:[quote=Zigsa]
Now the only senior thats left out is Ukitake. I feel as though he is being deliberately ignored. What is your thought on this?

I agree he's being deliberately left out for now. My theory has always been that he is the hidden dragon. In Chinese and Japanese folklore, the carp that swam up the waterfall transformed into a dragon. This story is used as a lesson that adversity makes one stronger. However, it's also a warning that appearances can be deceiving. Don't understimate what the carp is capable.

Ukitake's zanpakutou is 'Sougyo no Kotowari'. That's usually translated to 'Truth/Justice of Pisces', but it can also translate to 'Truth of the Carp', and the truth of the carp is that it's a hidden dragon.
Evangelion[lovr Wrote:2.0]
Hakuda most likely.

I seriously think the Zarakai fapping this chapter was too much. I mean, sure Kubo could have had the C46 say something like "If Kenpachi is trained to kill, he could potentially pose a threat to you, Shunsui." but Kubo threw out that all of SS would be in turmoil if he revolted? That's too stupid. There are plenty of characters who should have no problem dealing with Kenpachi no matter how strong he gets just because of their abilities, speed and intelligence.

That is just your bad perception of things, if you weren't capable of seeing that Kenpachi is god tier potential since his first appearance in SS arc, you shouldn't work wherever analytic capabilities are required.
Well first of all good to see some of you still around.
Second, this was a good chapter barring the Kenpachi being a threat to SS thing. That war potential title wasn't just for show huh...Really interested in knowing who the remaining WPs are now.
so basically kenpachi is a god and by the way is onemanga forum is down or gone
Hey everyone, be careful with what you say about Kenpachi. Any negative statements made results in a negative rep :rollseyes: seriously, fanboys (I know who you are) need to get over it. I have my opinion and it differs from yours, no need to get all butthurt.
Kenpachi smells and he won't be able to complete his training cuz he is lolweak.

his wins are due to large amounts of PIS.
Krapachi sucks, go lolpwnhara
LOL at some of the trolling in this thread.
A huge surprise that Unohana´s name is Yachiru. So Kubo will gon into Zaraki´s past like he said if he had the time.

Shunsui as a CC is not bad, and i really like how he talked to central 46.
Yeah Shunsui as CC made the chapter. I can't wait to see him give an epic speech before the next battle.

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