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Bleach Chapter 520 Discussion
I hope Bach pwns him again, off panel too. But that's not gonna happen, they'll probably never fight again if anything.
Come on bro at least make it on panel that's all I'm really asking for XD
Spamamdorf Wrote:Come on bro at least make it on panel that's all I'm really asking for XD


Okay, maybe an on-panel pwning. :lol:
Scorpion2k4u Wrote:well most likely Yama. We at least know that at some point he stopped beeing that monster himself and at that time he propably forced Unohana to do the same.
Back then he propably asked Tenjirō to teach her the healing techniques.
It says alot that he ordered her to stay put during the invasion but allowed Zaraki to do as he pleases.
We all thought that was propably because the medical unit needed to be protected and it would be fatal to let them get harmed. But now I'm not shure about that anymore. Maybe Unohana just is a potential danger to SS itself once she snaps.
Yama rather risked to use his Bankai that alone is a huge risk to everyone arround him instead of letting her loose.
It's also good to know that Yama himself teached Zaraki the sword and basically pissed himself after seeing what could happen if Zaraki actually opened that door to more power. That means that Yama himself wasn't shure if he could beat him then anymore.
He knew the level of Zaraki's capabilities.
Having trained him personally, just for a day, he was able to see the potential and the potential threat Zaraki could pose to SS.

Don't get me wrong, while I've always thought that it was possible for Zaraki to become stronger, the whole thought of him possessing so much potential that he is becomes a threat to Soul Society and the Gotei 13 in general is still a bit hard to swallow. I mean, I like the guy, I want him to be stronger and play a role in this arc like most people want for their favourite character. But becoming as broken at the risk of becoming as broken as in the novel? I'm still not 100% on that idea either, I just like that fact that he's going to get stronger without "OH MEH GOD, BANKAIS!"

What I find strangest about the chapter was the last panel.
Unohana was literally scary as hell.
Even back in the SS Arc when she threatened the members of the 11th Division, she still had that special charm about her. When she brushed aside Mayuri's threat of closing the Garganta with her inside, the charm was still there.
But the last page of that chapter.
It was like she was a completely different person.
That charm was completely gone and replaced with pure malice and ill intent.

Quincy blood shall rain down from the heavens... :nods:
Kyoraku:"Unohype, you train Kenpachi for the next fight. Everyone else will fanwank to both of you and hope that scares the VR away." *fap *fap *fap *fap *fap *fap *fap
that face could mean a whole bunch of different things but one things for sure is that she is not happy at all about leaving her healing spot, i always thought yama held her back but i thought it was for her own benefit, it might have been more mutual then we thought.

whats really scary is even during the fullbringer arc when SS thought ichigo could turn they were not all that concerned, and i believe druing that time and now if the captains came together they could easily beat down ichigo.

but to say kenpachi is a threat to all of SS is insane, it puts him above bankai yama, which is pretty insane, it puts him normally on the level of the god characters, so im thinking that all this hype is just to get people anticipating kenpachis return, i doubt hes going to be on that level.

i assume that yama was teaching him and realizing he could match up to himself one day he stopped b/c he didnt want to have to put him down and waste someone like him, so it was not out of fear that they restrained him but they wanted to give him time to align with SS totally so they would not have to kill him.

peleihno Wrote:It's ridiculous statements like this that remind me why the Kenpachi stuff is just irritating.

No, its irritating because you hate that character and can't accept he plays a large role in the story so you make dismissive remarks about him and his fans to soothe your ego.
Ajh77 Wrote:If Kenpachi will become tolerable with his new training(who am I kidding?), than I think I can go along with the flow.  You see, the problem isn't Zaraki apparently having this amazing potential.  It is simply Zaraki's dull character I can't roll with.  

This 'killing machine' personality that can't do anything if it doesn't involve cutting something up needs to be tempered with, you know, some emotion.  Some feeling.  Some passion.  Some thought.  He needs something that will force him to look at the bigger picture, so to speak, and look at things in a different, yet familiar way.

To put it simply, something to bring his character to life without killing what was already established.
That really shouldn't be an issue. We have already seen him understand the pain of not having a name, perhaps a bit of foreshadowing a growth character-wise later. If anyone will be able to get through to him it will be Unohana. He said he named Yachiru after the only person he respected, iirc. He will always be a berzerker, but maybe after this training he will be a little more layered.
Blast Hornet Wrote:
peleihno Wrote:It's ridiculous statements like this that remind me why the Kenpachi stuff is just irritating.

No, its irritating because you hate that character and can't accept he plays a large role in the story so you make dismissive remarks about him and his fans to soothe your ego.
Are you saying that a statement like "Kenpachi could beat any other shikai captain except yamma" isn't a ridiculous statement? Cause it's absolutely absurd.

Pele is one of the most unbiased posters I've met on OMF, and he likes a lot of characters that have huge (sometimes annoying) fanbases. The fact that he can't stand Kenpachi says a lot about just how annoying the Kenpachi fanboys can get.
hmm wonder if we're going to see the VR soon again :hmm:
so who do you think is the next RG renji and ichigo will see? i think it'll be the guy with the shades Tongue

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