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Bleach Chapter 520 Discussion
That Unohana bit is a bit unsettling, but I like the direction Kubo's taking this. Not a single shinigami's past shall be left covered. I approve.
Zigsa Wrote:
archangel89 Wrote:I'm so curiousto find out what Shunsui Bankai is. We've just seen a part of his Shikai, 2 games, the shadow one and the color one and both working together had the potential to one shot an opponent regardless of his strength. Shunsuis Bankai is probably what made him the new CC. Unohana will probably be a offensive/defensive physical/reiatsu beast, above the other shinigamis, but Shunsuis Bankai abilities might be something that gives him the edge.

I suspect the reason Unohana isn't the captain-commander is because of her mentality. Or, more accurately, the mentality that she's being forced to once more embrace. If the Central 46 had concerns about Kenpachi being uncontrollable, I suspect similar concerns have existed about Unohana, hence the very tight leash Yamamoto was keeping her on.

That said, it might be the case that Kyouraku isn't individually stronger than Unohana or Kenpachi (at full strength). Yamamoto said that Kyouraku and Ukitake, when combined, are stronger than any shinigami before or since. So, whatever power level Unohana or Kenpachi may be, Kyouraku and Ukitake (at least when working together) are up there somewhere as well.

Is the Soul King technically a Shinigami? That would hype up that statement alot . :devil:
Cant wait till next week. Ichigo and Renji will be sent to the palace belonging to the Seamstress (forgot her name) Maybe we will get to see dem shades. More Unohype and Gopachi. Shunsui-sama throwing around his authoritaaaa.
We get to see the new capts. And for once I cant wait to see a flash back(Unahana)
Best chapter ever!

Now, Ichigo is stronger than he realizes, which means: Ayon!Kirge & Ginjou are way stronger than people give them credit for. Which in turn applies to Bachbeard, Yama-Jii & Bishie Jr. as well.

Assuming he hasn't gotten a massive powerup inbetween. Also Renji is less useless than he seems!
God Mode Wrote:
Islamstar Wrote:Are Plasmawolf, Damanos and Godmode on suicide watch at the moment? I can't imagine how they're taking this. :lol:
Dam and I are in deep despair only because it looks like Kubo's making the novel a reality. And the story is going to suffer for it. I think Plasma is dead.

Best chapter in years? Son please. That rates alongside the Shinigami busting up the Fullbring arc as one of the worst ever!
You should be grateful the Internet Gods took down OMF. Because all of you would be drowning in Godpachi juices for the next 8 weeks. And just the Godpachi thread alone would have brought down the Internets anyway.

LOL. Novel is canon. Godpachi is canon. Dai-Senpai is canon. You haters can't stop, won't stop. Bad Boy!
Nice chapter.
Zaraki will learn the name of his zan. I hope it receives a fitting release command.
Zaraki haters will be happy when Uno (Feels weird calling her Yachiru) serves Zaraki some humble pie in order to convince him to undergo training.
The Zaraki fans like myself can rejoice once he finally "powers up", because the reveal is going to be filler-Zaraki level epic, but he will probably get beat down by Unohana at first.
Unohana. I'm not surprised she's the first the Kenpachi, but I am surprised she's the original Yachiru. Did she give Zaraki his trademark face scar prior to Zaraki meeting chibi Yachiru?
It's so funny....zaraki's fan make a claim based on what they see in the manga...then zarakai haters come back with "Nothing in the manga says that, dumb speculation you're just a fanboy, koma-bro, hate hate hate"...then kubo leaves some more hints, and so on and so on

Honestly, people aren't going to respect Kenpachi until it's spelled out perfectly for's been there the whole entire time

I'm sorry you don't like me being a Kenny fanboy God Moe XD, but I mean I still like Aizen and dislike Misaki (Not Bleach if there is one) so why are we suddenly not friends? :aww:
What makes the Kenpachi hype even better is that I'm sure Komamura will be irrelevant for the rest of the manga.
Oh don't you worry, he might be fodderized sure but there's no way he won't at least get a battle

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