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Shout Out Thread XII: Retro Style
Man, And I saw that thread Saying Rai's Pics and Got all giddy with excitement, thinking I could blackmail him with stuff but all the pics are moved ... .Like WRY

Well, Yeah, but......
cheating isn't bad >_>

I can't find the rules thing right now.
So Im like scared to swear and stuff
which is annoying, cause I always type and swear...
But Like, being banned here would be pretty dumb >_>
Kinda funny how this thread is not really much better then the SOT on OMF.

I mean, 3 days? And its already at 23 pages.

Heck, 3 days for the old SOT would be like 30 pages maybe....
I want OMF back. Sad

Does anyone know when/if OMF will be back again?

I guess it's true that you don't truly appreciate what you've got until you've lost it...
I'm reading up on comments right now trying to get info D:

From what I can see, it might not come back, at least according to Ayame.

But anyways, the ONLY thing we know for sure is that no one knows, and people are trying to do something about it.
Damnit, why can't i work this sig pika...whats going on C:
does photobucket not work or something CAUSE I CANT DO ANYTHING FOR MY SIG D<

Aha,! I GOT IT.

Pika, why you leaving me hanging here?


Oh wow... that extra large was a lot smaller then I expected.

And Talking to myself is a lot harder, keeping those edit posts going yo.

I'm still a girl.
Sana is mean...

And a liar D:
New forums call for New Personalities.

Plus, I've already lost the part of the God thing in my sig, I need something to show my love for you <3

I have never lied in my life.
Fine. Pika. I'll give you a positive rep. Happy now?

This double posting....God does it take me back >+>

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