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or they should try doing some exercise.. ^^,v
Who's going to make them do it? You? Good luck. :thumbup:
anyway, anyone tink he should give up tme Mxo card...?
he needs the gold one anyway....
Yeah, then he'll have Lucy and some complementary magic.
besides he is smart enough to get a red card...
i nver see him using the card anymore anyway...
he sure has a pwerful quick-wit....
It doesn't have anything to do with intelligence though... or not much at least.
Yeah it really has to do with helping the school/doing well on school events, which he is problably mvp for the magic fight. I can see him getting a new card soon. He's gotta have at least an adequate amount of points by now. Btw what are the card levels? I completely forget.
There are pretty many cards and we don't know all of them yet. Here's the chart from the manga:
What's missing there is the gold one (hidden behind a speech bubble) and the WI-(White Iron-)Card that's right after RI (Red Iron).
There's also C (Carbon) but I don't really know where that one is. probably the space below the Blue card.
This is the start of the new humorous mangas out there. I love how the main char is all serious when he has to bluff in order to scare the others. Plus the constant times of him tryin to get a extra boost in magic points but failing. And then everyone wants him to do things and expects to win if he is on their team. Great manga.
Spade Wrote:Who's going to make them do it? You? Good luck. :thumbup:

yup.. im gonna make them suffer!! bwuhaha.. :devil:

Well, i hope he gets a card higher than white iron.. ^^,v

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