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OMF is down... again...again
Things still have consequences here.
So we can insult anyone without consequences?

I think it was to that spamming comment. But that sounds bad too D:
Greg Wrote:Things still have consequences here.
Ah, Greg is always a party pooper

Also, what scumbag added a negative reputation, I am the nicest guy ::C:
I agree. +'ed you :3
Is it still down, It was down yesterday a couple of times and then again today for me, I thought it was just me but decided to check here.
Anyway, it is completely timing out for me.
omf has been down since this post without coming back up which was 11 and a half hours ago.

Prior to that we had a ~5 hour downtime 2 days earlier. I believe it's the same issue for both cases.
FYI - There has been a hacker taking who has taken down MAL
( myanimelist ) site and forums recently. He spammed the site with extreme gore pics so if you clicked on one of your manga threads thinking you had a reply and saw the post it had code embedded in it to mess up your profile and they had to repair the site multiple times due to that jerk, I just hope he hasn't entered our neighborhood now... He has hit there starting on black friday and since.

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