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hey guys... Kinda new here... just found the site a couple days ago looking for the updated Bleach and Naruto chapters... but besides that i'm also reading Blue Dragon, D-Gray Man, Reborn, Gintama, Hellsing, Claymore... and I happen to be looking for Zombie Powder and Beet the Vandal Buster if anyone knows where I could find those 2 in there complete so far chapters let me know please... Anyway... I'm in college gonna be my second year after i'm done this one... but yeah... not much besides that... I'm a good resource for emulators and roms if anyone needs any just let me know, and same with classic dos games like Day of the Tentacle or Sam and Max and the like.
hi there, nice to meet yah.. ^^,
Hey Dronix, welcome to OMF!

Interesting title (for the thread) by the way Big Grin
heh... well its good to see so many manga in one place instead of trying to find it all on trust me... its horrid sometimes... cant find a thing unless you're SERIOUSLY looking. so i'm just happy about it
Yeah, it's a fun site. I started really reading manga on it.
#6 new here.... Smile
rave_bleach new here....  Smile

ow..hi there.. ^^,
Hello! And welcome to the one, my friend. A fellow lover of swords i wager?
Welcomest to one manga forums.
hee^^ nice to meet u guys here Smile

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