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manga's on one manga that are incompleate and the chps that are missing.
i have noticed that several of the mangas on the main site suddenly skip large chunks of the chps. now i dont know why it was done that way but i am one of those people who dont like reading a manga when i know that its incompleate or missing stuff. so i decided that if anyone with the power to upload the missing chapters feels like it they dont have to search through the mangas to see what is missing.
some of these might just be miss-labled for all i know if so please just let me know.

berserk -chps 23-282
bleach - chps 1-182
gantz - chps 35-235
Hajime no Ippo - chps 1-753
Mahou Sensei Negima! - chps 67-154

(note i skiped around looking at the comics that intrested me first, but given time i will probably go and look at the ones that dont)

more to follow latter.
om are updating the gaps at their own pace wait patently for them to fill up. and as for ur sig put ur pic in photobucket and get the code and past it
i kinda figured that they were going to update, i was just figureing that i could give them a little help by telling them what chps are still missing. and thank you for telling me how to get the sigs to work, i will try it asap.
your welcome and also if you are actually trying to read those you can go to or every website except are downloads.
ok, thanks once again

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