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Akon throws fan off stage

Some kid( i think he's 14) threw something at him (bottle or a rock i think)and hit him in the head.So Akon told his security to bring the kid up,pick him up and throw him onto the floor..that's just not right =.= im a fan of akon but that was unnessecary...
If the kid didn`t do it in the first place, it wouldn`t have happened.

Simple ~__~

I don`t think you`d be like.. Neutral after someone throws something hard at your head ~__~
your a fan?
lucky i can't swear on this forum.
No, I'm not -_-

But think logically... If he didn't do it. It wouldn't have happened -_-

Why would he pay to go throw a bottle at someone? lolz. Beats me.
well i just like his music.. and yes i agree with waterFALLs that kid deserved wut he get..kind of..well usually adult should talk kids into stop doing dat but Akon threw him off the stage..kind of unnessecary
nah, he said the kid was okay (lol) and i'm a fan too, he did deserve what he got. i mean, if ur performing live den a kid threw something at u, if u juz stood der dat would be bad rite, thats my point of view
Oh please, it's america. You could get sued for stepping on someones little toe. How could that be a smart move!
And besides he makes music for 12 year olds, he should be setting an example. Like not being aggressive towards troubled teens?
It's just because he hasn't accepted that he's this year's backstreet boy, he should just suck it up and move on.

And besides, you are always gonna have people who throw things at a stage. I dont know why and wouldn't do it myself but i have never been to a concert where this does not happen. Face it, kids are idiots. And if this is how you are gonna react you shouldn't be a childrens entertainer. period
geyter Wrote:Face it, kids are idiots. And if this is how you are gonna react you shouldn't be a childrens entertainer. period

Perhaps they are, but even so, he should just tell the security to kick him out directly rather than throw him off from stage.

Well, either way maybe it's just some acting, you really think he'd throw some unknown kid from stage?, what If it turned out to be "tragedy" out there?
he probally gonna get sue...
What the heck?!
He shouldn't be allowed to do that. The guy threw a rock and he gets thrown off stage? The guy should seriously sue Akon's swearing right? He's an entertainer, that's what you get when you become big; you get hit by stuff. Politicians get hit with pies all the time, and they don't deport the guys. And I agree with geyter, he should be setting an example, even though it wouldn't do much good with everything else that's wrong in America at the moment.

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