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President George Bush
I know Im double posting but this is a different thought. Apparently bush let that Libby guy go even after he was convicted, so what do you guys think of that??
Instead of just saying this stuff you could give us some sort of news link to help us out here Big Grin
excel-kleinwald Wrote:Instead of just saying this stuff you could give us some sort of news link to help us out here Big Grin
If you tell me how to post links I will, but Im computer retarded...:grin:
Of course he let him go, are you kidding me? The last thing bush needs is someone to come out with his dirty laundry.

But i do think the democrats are acting like assholes over this. First they want him free, then when he gets his free pass they piss and moan about how easy george is letting him go. Okay, i get that it's a political goldmine but still. Have some integrity guys...
MangaAddict Wrote:
geyter Wrote:Nah, democrats won florida. But bush's cousin is major so...
Anyway that's why the people wanted to recount the votes but the chairman of the Supreme Court (Gore at the time) didn't deem it constitutional.
Which made me like him even more...

I can tell your not an american, lol.  Bushs brother is the governor of florida so thats basically how bush won florida...  Gore wasnt that great either but I agree he should have been president...

His brother didn't help him win Florida.  Gore lost Florida because the state tried to change how the votes were to be counted after the election, which was deemed unconstitutional.

And as to Libby being parted, what's the big deal? Every President has used pardons to bail out shady characters.
Oh please and nothing fishy about that eighter right?

I give you a quote about this lawcase in wich it was deemed inconstitutianal to recount legal votes (even though it says so right in article 14 of your precious bill of rights)

"The case was steeped in controversy as the majority opinion was made up along partisan lines and reeked of cronyism: i.e., the five justices voting in favor of Bush were all appointed as Justices or the Chief Justice by George H.W. Bush; whereas of the four justices voting in favor of Gore, only 2 were appointed by Democrats while the other 2 were appointed by Republicans, including one who was appointed by George H.W. Bush. Additionally, part of the reason recounts could not be completed was due to various stoppages ordered by the various branches and levels of the judiciary, most notably the 5 Bush appointees themselves. Opponents argued that it was improper for the court (by the same 5–4 majority) to grant an injunction stopping the recounts pending the outcome of the ruling based on the possibility of "irreparable harm" to Bush by "casting a cloud upon what he claims to be the legitimacy of election." Injunctions for irreparable harm cannot usually be granted if doing so would do equal or greater harm to another party (in this case, Al Gore). Apparently, the 5 Bush appointees saw no irreparable harm in denying Gore his lawfully required recount. Critics also argued that Court's decision itself was a perversion of the Equal Protection Clause that it claimed to defend and contrary to the political question doctrine.
The decision has been widely discredited by the majority of legal scholars and law professors as a deeply flawed and politically motivated decision."

Now even i have to admit you gotta have some balls to pull this off (although his father probably didn't even mention it to him) but if that isn't the most blatant example of bribe/backdoor politics then i don't know what is.

And his cousin was at the root of it all for tampering with the sign up sheets and votes in the first place.
All that said, it was a brilliant piece of politics. I still gotta hand it to George H.W. Bush he is one of the greatest political minds this planet will ever see.
I think you overestimate bush and underestimate his aides, the man is rich so he can afford a smart staff...
As for the libby thing it really makes me mad because this guy got away with leaking secret information that the vice president himself wanted leaked, its almost like the entire thing was planned...
I do not like Bush..he resembles a monkey.
[Image: bush_monkey.jpg]
Of course it was planned, that's obvious.

And don't underestimate h.w. The man is a genius. He was director of the cia for a reason, and that reason is definetly not smart aides. He might be 83 but he still controls his son, do not doubt that.
You know, I always say that it's remarkable what Bush has accomplished with his intellect. Here's my favorite quote by him

"There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."

Here's the video:

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