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Musty read Mangas for real manga lovers...
About 2 girls with incidentally same name, but different personality chasing their dream. (not so good with the explanation...)

Try reading the 1st chapter from the main website If you have time...
Actuallt Nana is really good but once you get really into the series....Everything goes bad and emo. Drugs, alcohol and back stabbing happens sadly...
Nana? It was interesting, but not my style, so in the end, I didn't read past chapter 1.
ive been told i should read nana many a time, but i dont really want to read about emo-ness and drugs and backstabbing
It doesn't start till WAY later but you should just try it out!
Nana is a shojo right?
Not for me i guess
Trust me you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, or its genre. Shojo can be pretty cool at times and others... way too girl oriented Tongue.

My top ten are...

Excel Saga
Ichigo 100%
Death Note
Eyshield 21
Rurouni Kenshin
Midori Days
School Rumble

They aren't in any order except for the first five really... it is hard to choose if you have a lot of manga Big Grin
initial d and gto
also samurai deeper kyo
I like Suzuka and Vampire Knight to..........Well I just started reading Suzuka.......And Gto is a good one I heard!
I recently read Shamo..........

If you have any human decency left, YOU WOULD NOT READ IT. Its the most sick manga out there. I don't know why I read it, but now I can't stop. Its like freaking insane, sadict, soul killing.

Its simply about a 16 year old who was a genius and then killed his mom and dad in front of his sister, who turns into a prosititute from the killing. The guy goes to jail and then learns 'martial arts' from this other guy and a lot of rape and stuff appear in the story...Its sick, man. Anyway, then the guy gets out of jail and starts fighting and killing people.

Another good read would be SkyHigh.

Its about the afterlife. "When you die of murder or suicide, you appear at the Gates of Grudges. There you meet a person and she offers you three choices.

1.To accept your death and go to heaven where you rebirth.

2.Stay on earth and the human plane because you do not accept death.

3. Or 3. To go to the human plane and haunt to kill someone and go to hell for an enternity.

Its a good read and somewhat emotional.

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