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Poll: Will Brook join the crew
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42 89.36%
5 10.64%
Total 47 vote(s) 100%
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Zephyr Wrote:Tragic past? Ticked

Weird? Ticked

Can fight? Ticked

Musician? Ticked

Yes I think Brook will joined, he fulfilled all the requirements

what about the "DREAM THING" that they all have?!?
i dont think brook has that...but it would be great if he joins the crew...
I thought his dream was to revenge his crew!!
dimplez Wrote:I thought his dream was to revenge his crew!!
well if they defeat moria then the dream is already fulfilled right? or....waaaah im confused...LOL
I'm sure he had a dream before his crew was killed
Yep I agree! There has to be more than that.....but I have a funny feeling about that! There is some sort of dream hiding there!

XPeace Out!
yeah i hope...since i want him to join the crew..hope he got a lot more techniques up his sleeve, cause i know everyone doesnt want another swordie...
i dont really think an extra sword would hurt the manga at all
its two different styles of sword fighting
as long as his techniques and fighting style are different from zoros i wont care that he uses a sword
kool a new member! [Image: BrookeTheGentleman.jpg]  is that him? and wut happen to him? didn't read the manga as u can see btw this is wut the wikipedia mention about Brook

Brook (ブルックWink,[1] known as the "Gentleman Skeleton", he is a pirate inhabiting the Florian Triangle region of the Grand Line. Although he claims to be a gentleman, and talks in the dialect of one, Brook's habits often reflect just the opposite. He has awful table manners: he shouts for food while waiting to be served, asks to swap plates with people who have larger servings than he does and eating so messily his entire face is stained. He is also extremely flatulent after meals, but says "excuse me" so as to be "gentlemanly." He also loves to tell odd, bone-themed jokes, as well as melodramatic tales, and is very perverse, asking to see Nami and Robin's underwear upon meeting them.

Long ago, Brook ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi. Up until when he died, he simply was unable to swim. A few decades before he ran into Luffy, he and his crew were massacred in the Florian Triangle. Thanks to his Devil Fruit, his soul was able to wander until he found his body. However, due to the heavy fogs, his soul wandered for a year, and by the time he found his body it was only a bleached skeleton. The roots of his hair were as strong as ever, so he still had his afro; in fact, it's his prized procession, as not only is he proud of his afro, but he cannot grow back since his body stopped growing. Due to his light weight he is now able to walk on water unlike other devil fruit users. He uses a shikomizue as his main weapon; with it, he is able to make swift attacks that the enemy cannot notice.

Five years before meeting the Straw Hats, he found his way to Thriller Bark, where his shadow was stolen by Gecko Moria and used to revive Samurai Ryuma. Because of this, Brook is unable to exist in sunlight, as he would immediately perish. During his time there, he learned that throwing salt into the zombie's mouth would purify it because salt is part of the sea, so it breaks the hold of Moria's devil fruit power. He used that knowledge to kill many zombies before he was faced off by Ryuma himself and beaten. He then pleaded to spare his afro and be able to escape, and Ryuma let him, because he would die too if Brook did. After meeting the Straw Hats, Luffy asks him to join his crew. Although overjoyed by the invitation, he later declines as his curse prevents him from leaving the Florian Triangle. They soon stumble upon Thriller Bark, and Brook becomes determined to retrieve his shadow. Luffy, determined to help Brook retrieve it, so that he may join, has the Straw Hats follow.

Brook was last seen meeting up with Ryuuma apparently going to fight him again to win back his Shadow.

Wow that is so recent and well written!
Whoever does that wiki-page must refresh it weekly and be a huge fan of one-piece.
No need to ask us what happened Blaze, everything is right there. It is updated to even include the newest episode.
(haha odd bone-themed jokes, he is so weird Big Grin)
xD o ok i kinda of know wut happen now..Thriller Park..900 Zombie...Shadow stealing..and yes i think he will become Luffy crew cuz i trust the wikipedia Smile and for the dream he can always have a new serving Luffy until he dies

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