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Its obvious that ever1 is gonna fight their shadows, but whos gonna fight absolom and perona?
Choppers got hogback and luffy has moria but who else is there to fight?

i think nami will fight absolom because of the "bride" thing but other than that i cant think of any of the other fights
Absalom vs. Frankie
Usopp vs. The girl with all the bears...i don't remember her name off hand.
Nami vs. Perona(again...kinda)

I'm assuming someone will get their shadow back before the other's do and join in the fight along the way. The enemies have a way of changing hands at times.
isnt the girl w/ the bears perona?
yeah, she is.

I think Robin will fight Perona though.
Nami vs Cow Woman ( who wanted to be Absalom's wife)
Robin vs Perona
Absalom vs Franky
Ussop vs.... someone will come or he could help chopper
well i just wanna see everyone fight his own shadow ......
I thought Perona was the big cow. My bad >.<
hmm...cindry-chan will stop breaking plates...LOL
But will Luffy fight moria or his shadow Oz, he cant fight both. I think Oz might turn on moria and whoever wins luffy will fight.
hmmm....yeah luffy would probably defeat moria first and then moria turns to oz for help but oz'll eat moria instead...then oz and luffy will fight to the end...

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