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Which Bleach character are you?
Yes I'm doing this one on Naruto to! But I thought it would be cool to see which character you are! So think of your personality or just take a QUIZ! Tell me who you are and let's try to get mostly everybody!

Who I am: I think I am Cloud! I am totally clueless and somtimes lack common sense. Big Grin
I am Isane Kotetsu, 4th Division Lieutenant.
Here is a link to a Bleach personality quiz: Quiz

I got Ichigo, only I don't have orange hair lol.

[Image: ichigo.gif]

lol that quiz all depends on what height you are -.-
i put the my height to 5'8-5'10 and no matter what i put afterwards i got ichigo

I'd say renji. reckless, rude, aggressive and protective.
Weird I put the 5'11-6 I think and I got Ichigo. lol maybe they are all Ichigo
i went to to take the bleach personallity test and i got ichigo......
heh heh heh....
so coincidental that me favourite colour is orange.....
(note- it is my favourite colour cuz i was a huge fan of wargreymon back then....)
I put black and yet also got Ichigo..., CrazyBleachFan might be right, perhaps all of them is..., uh..., Ichigo?
No, I put taller than any human and got Hollow
#9 was kinda obvious that you would get hollow
its so easy to get the hollow pic....
just pick stuff like eating humans and all that jazz.....
[Image: urahara.gif]


Urahara Big Grin

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